Everyone is a culmination of a very wide array of thoughts, emotions and memories. We tend to put people in stereotypical boxes and expect certain behavior and slowly we become an individual of people's expectations. These paintings are an attempt to explore myself away from what is expected. A journey into the self can lead to discoveries that are revealing and tough to fathom at the same time.


There is a hell within some of us. A fire that refuses to die. Constantly r... see more


Hopscotch is a game played by children. Basically rows and columns are draw... see more

Red Earth

Red earth depicts most of us. On the outside it is calm. Everything looks u... see more


This is what we yearn for. A soul at peace. A soul that's protected with go... see more

The Storm

The storm is the anger building inside us. With each passing moment it just... see more


Twilight is the time when a golden hue sets over the surroundings. It's the... see more

Roses for Mom

My Mom loved Roses , this is a small tribute to her. see more

Red Wall

This painting is an invitation to freedom and happiness in a world which is... see more