Everyone is a culmination of a very wide array of thoughts, emotions and memories. We tend to put people in stereotypical boxes and expect certain behavior and slowly we become an individual of people's expectations. These paintings are an attempt to explore myself away from what is expected. A journey into the self can lead to discoveries that are revealing and tough to fathom at the same time.


We are bound by responsibilities, duties and to use a crass term deadlines.... see more

Window to your Soul

This painting has been painted by me when I have felt the most liberated in... see more

Beyond Silver Lining

Every dark cloud comes with a silver lining. We have an option to despair, ... see more

Casablanca - Summer

The city of Casablanca has a special place in my heart. It reminds me of jo... see more

Dilapidated soul

The white symbolises the purity of soul. But in this day and age this purit... see more

Good vs evil

Evil is big. Evil is menacing. Evil is stronger. Good is small. Good has ho... see more

Differently Same

This painting has been inspired by twins. They look different. They talk di... see more


This painting depicts winter. Everything around is white. At first we canno... see more